What We Check

All Types of Buildings:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Established Homes
  • Apartments
  • Units
  • Flats
  • Villas
  • Bungalows
  • Rental Properties
  • Extensions

Building Inspection Property Report:

Our comprehensive written Reports are approximately 15 to 25 pages long depending on the size of the property. They contain specific detailed notes on areas of concern or general advice issues.
We are conscious of providing a Building Report in a clear, concise “easy to read” format. Our Inspectors are available to discuss any aspect of the Property Report once you have received it.

The Building Inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of the property internally and externally looking for major structural defects.

We also do a comprehensive maintenance check and we can advise of any estimated cost of repair. We do a visual inspection to advise if there is any material used at the property that may contain Asbestos. We can also offer any building advice you may require such as removing walls or advice on your renovation plans at no extra charge.

We do a full visual inspection of the electrical and plumbing and will advise on drainage, water pressure, water hammer etc. and also advise if it’s the old original wiring and safety switch etc.  Keeping in mind that the inspector is a Building Inspector not a licensed Electrician or Plumber as with any Building Inspector.  We recommend to engage a Licensed Electrician and Plumber if you have any further concerns in this area.

If you have any requests or concerns, we ask that you advise us of this before your inspection so that the inspectors can address them at the inspection.

Timber Pest Inspection Report:

The Pest Inspector will conduct a thorough non invasive Inspection of the property looking for Timber Pests such as Termites and Borer using the latest products & equipment including Thermal Imaging Camera and Moisture Meter as well as conducting the old fashioned tap sounding techniques and visual inspection. The Pest Inspectors are Fully Licensed and have Full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Internally we check :

Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Windows, Doors, Robes, Ventilation, Dampness, Plumbing Items, Water Pressure, Showers, Shower Screens and a visual inspection on Plumbing and Electrical – where possible.

Externally we check :

Walls, brickwork, weepholes, sub floor vents, weatherboards, cement sheet, roof, roof tiles, corrugated iron, metal tray,
flashing, eaves, fascia, gutters, downpipes, drainage, cracks, rust, dry rot, asbestos and more


Garages, Carports, Sheds, Bungalows

A general overview of the site:

Driveways, Paths, Paving, Trees, Fences, Gates, Surface Drainage, Retaining Walls, Steps. Our Building Inspectors will keep a look out for any Pests. If they see any signs at all they will include it in the Report. Otherwise we can organise a Separate Pest Inspection by a qualified Pest Inspector at a very competitive special package price.
Please click on the ONLINE QUOTE for an Online quotation or if you prefer, you can phone our Office directly on 1800 008 240 for an “on the spot” quote.